Keeping your Horse at Kellow Park Stables

At Kellow Park Stables we pride ourselves in keeping horses at their peak physical condition all year round. We do this by having no grass limit as well as feeding up to 5 meals per day if necessary. Horses are plains animals and therefore need to be able to see into the distance to feel safe. At Kellow Park our grounds are designed to allow horses to not only see eachother, but also far into the distance. There is separation from work in the arena and play in the paddock. Our grooms have years of experience in handling horses in a gentle, firm and patient manner. Your horse will be allowed to be a horse in a professional, stable environment. We have 2 Open show jumpers as well as an Advanced level dressage rider available to train your horse when you need a hand. Take a look at a few of the things that go behind keeping your horse at 100% all round at Kellow Park Stables. Tap on the images to view more info on each aspect.

Your horse is in safe hands

We care for each horse as if they were our own